About us

Plane sighted in the Box and Packaging Box industry, innovative, high quality, we are a company that allows corporate solution. to renew our firm in packaging and box business field, to improve the quality of service and product, abundance and we have number of our customers to improve the quality of business insight, and most importantly, provide memnuniyetlig the job done for our customers our company is one of the main principles. Plane Box best price on the market with this goal, offers you the best quality to our customers in the best way.

Sector into a modern business ethics and technology that Cinar box, you need the packing and quality of work in terms of modern technology with a large box to indicate the kind of effort to offer the best. Service day by day and we are moving one step further with export quality. We publicize everywhere our kutuculug of service and quality work as domestic and foreign.


Our vision

Differences provide competitive advantages to uncover, to undertake tasks such as advanced techniques to improve Plane Box Packaging and Printing Ind. Tic. Ltd. It plays by the great task. Plane Box, society and national and international reputation as environmentally friendly is an organization with disiplinlig.

Our mission

Kutuculuk-date technology in the industry by hosting the permanent structure, competitiveness, productivity, and working with the country's product quality, customers, the environment meets the needs and expectations.


With our respects..

Çınar Kutu Ambalaj ve Matbaacılık Sanayi Ticaret Limited